Our Story

When our daughter was born in early 2020 there were already a lot of complicated things happening. On top of that she spent her first week of life in NICU where the incredible nurses helped get her to a stable place. Being the fighter she is, our little girl soon got out and started growing and learning, amazing us every step of the way. We have been blessed that her health has been mostly excellent after the shaky start.

One problem that has still lingered the whole time is eczema and itchy, dry skin. As her parents, we didn’t want to see her suffer in any way, so we started researching how best to treat her skin. Many products we found for sale helped some, but all were lacking. We wanted to find something with ALL of the ingredients that would combine to really help her, and make sure that the ingredients were excellent quality, fair trade, and sustainable. 

Unable to find that magic formula for sale anywhere, we got to work making it ourselves. We sourced the handful of natural ingredients known to help soothe and heal skin gently, and experimented with countless versions over two years until we found the right formula and silky, clean texture we were looking for

Once we found what worked for us, and shared it with our family and friends, we wanted to share it with our neighbors and community too. That’s why we started Morning Lotus Body Care. We hope it helps you and your family as much as it has helped ours!

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